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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Record!

40.06 MILES BABY!!!!

That's the longest bike ride I've ever made in my life!

I had three Masses up at St. Benedict's in Duluth, GA, this Sunday and got down to Peachtree City where my folks live right at about 3PM.  We grabbed a quick bite and then suited up for what we knew was going to be an endurance ride.  Four hours later, we had pounded out just a smidge over 40 miles!

It's hard being on a bike seat that long.  I invested in some quality cycling shorts that have a seat-shaped gel cushion sewn into them.  It helps, but after 4 hours, let's just say you're really ready to be out of the saddle.

This was the first ride I've done where donations were on the line.  I've currently only got two pledges, but I kept thinking to myself, "If you hit 40 miles, that's $20 that the Cancer Home gets!" and I keep pedaling away.

Besides the "saddle sore," I wasn't too exhausted post-ride.  If dad would have wanted to go another 10, I probably would have groaned and pushed on.  But I need to be able to that 40 mile ride TWICE, plus some.  I've got a lot of work to do!

If you'd like to help me train harder click this link to go to my donations page!  Even if you pledge a penny for every mile I train, it will encourage me to push harder!

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  1. Fr. Michael, please email me at braghq@aol.com I think I can help you raise money for the Cancer Home.

    Jerry Colley, CEO, Bicycle Ride Across Georgia